"Nature is the base of life. And it is our most important resource. For this reason it is important to preserve this gift for generations. Enterprises like ours show responsibility in handling the indispensable raw materials and demonstrate commitment for the environment. The certification is the guarantee for a controlled processing chain considering ecological, social and economic aspects."

(Ringo Mueller, Managing Director)

Environmental Responsibility

We make our active contribution to environmental protection with conscious handling of all resources. We purchase our raw material from forestry, which are subjected to a constant supplier assessment. Waste wood is continued to use for the production of heat.

All of our article-, transport- and shipping boxes made from corrugated cardboard are certified by the manufacturer and own the RESY sign as a certificate. All other packing materials are decontaminated properly by our disposal partner in the Duales System Germany and are licensed accordingly.

Ringo Müller with Dietmar Mothes, Dr. Frederik Karsten and Dr. Ulrich Reusch

The 13th of August 2010 our Company Received the Award for Environment-Oriented and Sustainable Corporate Management from the Chamber of Crafts in Chemnitz

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