33 Good reasons to underline your decision to buy Müller products

1. Tradition

The uninterrupted family tradition since 4 generations is unique.

2. Material diversity

Many different woods underline the peculiarity of Müller products.

3. Certified

Müller products are 100% handmade in our workshops. This is certified by the association "Erzgebirgischer Kunsthandwerker und Spielwarenhersteller".

4. Catalog and price list

For your selection at home a catalog and price list are available free of charge.

5. Repair service

Even after many years, qualified employees give your Müller masterpieces a new shine at a fixed price (assuming spare parts availability).

6. Website / Onlineshop

A comprehensive and informative website allows you to select items and order around the clock.

7. Affiliate program

Guests in selected regional hotels can get vouchers for shopping in the Müller stores in Seiffen.

8. International

Customers in more than 30 countries around the world decorate their home with Müller articles.

9. Creativity

Exceptional motifs from all over the world make the range of procducts unique.

10. Friendliness

... ..is the daily routine in the manufactory. Whether on the phone or in personal interaction.

11. Data security

The protection of your privacy has highest priority. The strict EU Data Protection Regulation is respected since long.

12. Competence

Since the company was founded in 1899 we produce high quality products.

13. Diversity

There are currently 11 product series with over 400 articles from our own production available for every season and every occasion.

14. Environmental Alliance

The Müller manufactory is a member of the "Umweltallianz Sachsen" due to its above-average commitment to environmental protection.

15. Regionality

All employees are regionals and doesn't have to commute. This protects the environment and secures jobs in the region.

16. Parking

Parking lots are directly next to our facilities for your easy access.

17. Accessibility

The access is mostly at ground level and barrier-free in every season.

18. Showroom

A decorative, clean and informative showroom simplifies the overview and the selection.

19. Special designs

For special occasions, the creative team of Müller manufactory manufactures small series (minimum quantity required).

20. Worldwide delivery

At moderate costs and defined delivery times, we ship worldwide. Any customs modalities will be handled professionally.

21. Packaging

For optimal protection and safe storage each item has its individual packaging.

22. Order service

Currently out of stock items can be pre-ordered.

23. Customer-friendly opening hours

The store in the center of Seiffen is open on 365 days a year.

24. Personalities

VIP's such as Ludwig Güttler, Rolf Zuckowski and Jens Weißflog have been working together with the Müller Manufactory for many years.

25. Service Card

This is the name of the customer bonus program with thousands of users.

26. New and innovative

New products are created annually and have often set standards in our market.

27. Contact person

Locals are available in the main export markets.

28. Accessibility

Persons in charge are available weekdays between 7am and 6pm local time.

29. Clarity

Articles of other manufacturers are clearly arranged and presented.

30. Further development

In order to meet constantly growing and changing requirements, employees of the Müller manufactory regularly continue their training.

31. Heart

The employees of the Müller manufactory love their products and burn for their customers and try to make impossible things possible.

32. Technical know-how

The peculiarities of the manufactory include articles that combine ancient tradition with the latest technology.

33. Logo

The quality of our products is expressed by a logo which is harmoniously placed in most articles.