We confess we love wooden materials.

Wood touches us at heart. It inspires our hands to be creative. Wood is life to us.

We strive to share this fascination with you, our customers. This is why, day by day, we put our love of wood in products of perfect design and highest quality. What comes out is treasures, be they tiny or large.

Our customers are at the centre of all our efforts. The information we provide, the service we offer, the products we hold available – all is for you.

There is nothing to please us more than our customers’ satisfaction. Our greatest success is customers starting to share our love of wood.

We take pride in our staff. A family-run company depends on well-experienced and loyal employees. No doubt, ours do their best for you. This is why we will not stop to invest in raising their qualifications. We are fully aware of the challenge the future entails.

Wood being a natural material and nature being the greatest treasure mankind possesses, we feel responsible to make sensible use of it. All the woods we process come from regenerating forestry.

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